Two beers or not two beers, that is the question. W. Shakespeare

It is said that gastronomy is the jump between the necessity of eating and the pleasure of eating. The same jump happens with beer nowadays. The culture of beer in this globalized world is transforming this beverage from just a drink to satiate the thirst into a product of quality with a myriad of tastes, aromas, varieties and options to choose. Moreover, the artisan beers are a real phenomenon all over the world.

For sure you have drunk beer hundreds of times before, but what do you know about beer? Are you familiar with concepts as hops, malt, fermentation, ale or lager? Do you want to know more about the world of beers in Spain? We invite you to participate in our beer tastings in Madrid. Our beer tastings offer a great time to participants, answering many questions related to the world of beer. The aim of these beer tastings is to provide our participants with the knowledge needed to enjoy this relaxing drink in the day-to-day, thanks to the rich variety and satisfying complexity of beer.

Our beer tastings are provided by the most important experts in beers and breweries in Madrid, and in a great, relaxing atmosphere in the best city district. You will learn how part of the taste comes from the taste buds at the very back of the tongue. Through the beer tasting we will explain the best way to get the full flavour. The glasses we use in the beer tasting are also key, as the standard beer glasses do not allow the scents of the beer to be noted. Eyes and nose will be key instruments as in the case of wine tastings.

We will taste five different international beers in the tasting, with an overview of Spanish beers as well.

We offer two types of beer tastings:

    • Standard Beer Tasting, focused on key concepts and sensorial properties.
    • Special Beer Tasting, focused on a specific topic (comparative among different countries, especial pairings, among others)

What included:

Tasting of five beers by expert soumillier. Available in English and Spanish.

Ideal for:

Well, not difficult, for beer lovers. Ideal for beginners. Teetotalers also welcome.


20 Euros in Standard Tastings/ 27 Euros per person in Special Tastings.
Ask for Private Tastings


19:00-21:00 / Whenever you want in Private Tastings / Check in advance for Group Tastings


2 hours

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