Markets are unique places in Madrid life. There is nothing like wandering through Madrid markets to realize the richness of Spanish cuisine. Enjoy this unique experience of Markets Tour with the help of our local experts.

We want to show you a guided tour through the main food markets in Madrid, San Miguel Market and San Antón Market. They are the main historic markets in Madrid, recently remodelled in real gastro-academies for foodies. Both markets are functional spaces that combine the most modern design with the most classic culinary offers. They show a wide range of products, from ingredients (in some cases unknown for many people) to the tastiest bites offered at the booths and shops that we will visit through the tour.

You will enjoy a unique experience with the Markets Tour, interacting with products and ingredients from Spanish cuisine, as well as giving you a direct contact with grocery storekeepers, authentic ambassadors of Spanish cuisine. We will learn their hints to take real advantage of the products right in front of our eyes.

Thanks to our Markets Tour you will get familiar with one key concept that modern consumer habits are losing, the seasonality! You will learn the vegetables coming with the springtime, the fruits achieved in summertime, the mushrooms festival on Madrileño autumn or the best fishes from wintertime.

Being in a private or enjoying the company in a group tour, you will enjoy a guided visit in the Markets Tour through the San Miguel Market or the San Antón Market, depending on the dates availability. Through this guided tour we will visit many interesting places, from bookshops specialized in cuisine to booths specialized in exotic fruits. We will interact with the people working in the different areas.

Last (but not least!) the Markets Tour will end with a tasting of drinks and delicatessens in the areas specifically available for that.


What included:

Tour guided by local expert to San Miguel Market or San Antón Market (to be confirmed prior to each visit). Price includes 3 drinks and 8 products tastings. Available in Spanish and English.

Ideal for:

Cuisine lovers, people interested in nutritional aspects.


60 Euros.


One daily session at 12.00 h from Monday to Sunday, check availability.


90 minutes.

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