The 17th-century Old Madrid holds thousands of hidden secrets that you will discover and enjoy in our Tapas Tour. Our Tapas Tour, personalized or in group, allows getting familiar with the traditions of tapas in Old Madrid. For centuries tapas have had a double function in the life of madrileños: to enjoy the best bites of Spanish food as well as to socialize over a glass of wine.
Our Tapas Tour will bring you to four remarkable taverns in Old Madrid. We will show you anecdotes and hints about the origin and world of tapas, most of them unknown even for Spaniards.
We have achieved a nice atmosphere and the professionalism of our guides will let you know and enjoy this so Madrileño World of tapas, in the unbeatable scenario of Madrid de los Austrias (17th-century quarter), surrounded by places, churches…and (we do solemnly swear) taverns.

What included:

visit guided by expert to four selected taverns in the Madrid de los Austrias (Old Madrid). Price includes four drinks plus ten tapas. Available in Spanish and English.

Ideal for:

Madrid lovers, ham fans, conversation lovers, people up for a good time


80 Euros


Two daily sessions at 12:30 and 19:00 h, from Monday to Sunday, please check availability.


3 hours

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