World of TEA is immense, endless but unknown. There is no better starting point than our tastings in Madrid, to understand the main varieties and above all to learn how to prepare an excellent TEA.
We invite you to our Introductory TEA Sessions. Our international Tea Sommelier Cristina Pinel will guide you through the main secrets of the TEA world in our Madrid Showroom.

Our goal is to show you a solid knowledge of the TEA world. This will allow you to prepare a perfect infusion, identifying the main varieties of tea (white tea, green tea, yellow tea, Oolong tea, black tea and Puerh tea) and allowing you to differentiate between a good or a bad tea. You will be initiated in the sensorial experience of TEA tasting. We will play with the five senses while we achieve a very fun and informal atmosphere during our sessions. And mainly with a practical knowledge that will help you to enjoy your future teas in Madrid or elsewhere!

We can arrange private sessions in Madrid upon request.

“The good tea is a harmoniuos drink that helps to make us beautiful from the inside and take care of ourselves. The simple tea ceremony – which takes from one to five minutes – is a little treasure that we offer ourselves, above all in these times of immediate, fleeting and even capsule pleasures” Cristina Pinel, TEA Sommelier.

Recommended reading: Tea Classified: A Tealover’s Companion, Author: Jane Petigrew & Bruce Richardson.



8-14 people

Ideal for:

Anyone looping for initiation in the TEA World, sceptics, or willing to explore and learn more about this millenary drink, wanting to become a true TEA LOVER. No previous knowledge required.


80€ in private tastings (max 2 people).
40€ in group tastings (min 8, max 14).


Whenever you want in Private Tastings / from 19.00 to 21.00 in group tastings


2 hours

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