Many centuries ago Romans tought us that famous sentence, In Vino Veritas, Truth is in Wine, but even today that truth in wine is still unknown for most of this modern world.

Do not worry if you are not an expert, we propose you our wine tasting for beginners in our comfortable wine showroom located in the most fashion district of Madrid, five minutes walking from Colon Square and the Royal National Library. Enjoy our chic wine showroom with more than one hundred wines.

You will learn how to appreciate the shades of wine through a tasting of five wines with our tasting master. We will combine knowledge with useful information and tips in your day-by-day as pairings, how to choose a great wine or how to preserve your wines at home.

Our aim is to give you the key info you need to enjoy the world of wines at your home, with your friends…

We offer you two different tastings:
Private Tasting:
only for you and yours, whenever you want.

Group Tasting:
in group up to 20 participants, upon availability.


What included:

tasting of five wines by expert soumillier. Available in English and Spanish

Ideal for:

Well, not difficult, for wine lovers. Ideal for beginners. Teetotalers also welcome


100 Euros in Private Tastings/ 35 Euros per person in Group Tastings


Whenever you want in Private Tastings / Check in advance for Group Tastings


2 hours

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